Francis Miller

Instructor Mr. Francis Miller (5th degree)

Mr. Francis Miller

Mr Francis Miller 5th Dan Black Belt was born in 1983; he grew up in Chard, Somerset where his Martial Arts career began in 1994. He started training in Taekwon-Do under Mr Simon Wachon 6th Dan Black Belt. Mr Miller began competing aged 11 winning many major contests in patterns and sparring. Naturally talented, he soon developed a reputation for his high kicking ability and competition prowess and has accumulated over 140 local, national and international titles. His dedication to Taekwon-Do was rewarded in 2000 when he won the AIMMA Men’s Welterweight World Championship title aged just 17 years old. Ten years on Mr Miller competed in the TAGB 9th World Championships and the PUMA World Championships winning bronze and silver medals in the Men’s Black Belt patterns divisions respectively.

Competing aside, Mr Miller was keen to promote Taekwon-do and to pass on his knowledge, and supported the foundation of Evolution Martial Arts in 2002 with his esteemed instructor Mr Simon Wachon.

They set up a number of academies in South West England and Evolution Martial Arts soon became an established organisation with a reputation for conscientious teaching and success at competitions.

At this time Mr Miller opened his first Taekwon-Do school in Wellington from where he has produced many Black Belt students; one of whom went on to win the GTI British Championships. Mr Miller was given the opportunity to take over the well established Taunton club in 2006 and Bridport club in 2007; since then the schools have gone from strength to strength. 2010 sees the opening of Mr Miller’s first full time Martial Arts academy in Taunton. He is very focused and driven to provide the best training for anyone who has an interest in Martial Arts.

His thirst for learning the traditional Arts and developing them into new concepts and fighting systems led him to train with UFC fighter Ian 'The Machine' Freeman and Brock Lesnar's coach Greg Nelson. Mr Miller enjoys grappling and is studying Gracie Ju Jitsu to develop his ground skills. He regularly trains with Evolution's MMA instructor Matt Stone to compliment his Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing.

He has also invested in state of the art equipment to introduce Flips and Tricks sessions; a popular activity that display acrobatic martial arts techniques. All of these new ventures are filtered into his classes while still maintaining his traditional roots; staying true to the ‘Evolution’ ethos.

Various pictures of Mr. Francis Miller including brick breaking and competing.