Kickboxing History

Kickboxing started in America during the 1970's when traditional martial arts practitioners became frustrated with strict controls on martial arts competitions that didn't allow full contact kicks and punches.

Kickboxing is a mix of martial arts style kicks and western boxing. All punches and kicks must land above the belt although rules are not set in stone and different associations set individual rules.

Kickboxing is a relatively new sport there are no long-term traditions. The sport has seen many changes and been refined during the last three decades.

Early bouts were fought on open matted areas just as ordinary Martial Arts competitions. Later events were staged in regular size boxing rings.

These events produced the first fighting stars of the 70’s competitors such as Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace and Benny Urquidez. Kickboxing is a true international sport; the popularity of Kickboxing has spread across the World.