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Some kind words

From our students

"I've been a member of Evolution Martial Arts for about... 3 years. I can honestly say I have loved every minute. There are students of all ages that train with Evolution along with a nice variety of gender. The head instructor Francis Miller is extremely experienced in the martial arts he teaches, and he teaches them in a very easy to understand concept. He'll explain each movement or technique in detail, their purpose in certain situations and will teach the technique using the 3 different learning "methods". Audio, visual and practical."
Conor C
"Being a member of Evolution Martial Arts for ten years now I can safely say you will not find more professional, fun and high quality martial arts classes than with Evolution Martial Arts. The club has multiple different classes ranging from Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Flips and tricks and MMA and every class has the same friendly atmosphere with students of all ages. Head Instructor Francis Miller is a highly experienced instructor and has competed multiple times on an international stage, you will struggle to find another instructor with as much experience as Mr Miller. Not only does Mr Miller have his own success, but has passed his knowledge down to his students who are now also highly successful competitors. If you are looking for a fun way to keep fit, learn self-defence, or just want a new hobbie than look no further than Evolution Martial Arts. You will be welcomed by a group of friendly instructors and students and you'll have made your first step towards earning your black belt."
Conor L
"Before I started I was shy and lacking in confidence but now thanks to the balance of support and discipline from Evolution, I have grown in confidence and self belief."
Mat A
"I am a South African, ex professional rugby player and aspiring MMA fighter. I have trained all over the world, primarily at Pride fighting academy in Cape Town and Team Nogueira in West Palm Beach, Florida. I've spent a few weeks training with Francis and his colleagues at Evolution Martial Arts and it has been amazing. He is a great trainer/coach. He mixes technique, flexability and conditioning perfectly and I'll definitely be back to train with him again in the future if I get the chance."
Charlie P
"Training with Evolution Martial Arts has benefited me vastly in terms of my fitness and confidence; it is also a fantastic opportunity to make new friends of all ages and all abilities. Whilst there is never any pressure on students to compete, I have found that having the opportunity to constantly test myself has been one of the most enjoyable elements of my training, allowing me to travel nationally representing my club, and hopefully one day, internationally."
Harry P
Assistant Instructor

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