Little Warrior Grading

Little Warrior Team photo

Our youngest members recently took part in their quarterly promotional test.

The eligible students confidently demonstrated their fundamental blocks and attacks, a set routine, kickboxing drills and an escape from a self defence scenario.

All the children displayed a fantastic improvements in their physical and mental capabilities.  It’s wonderful to see children ranging form 4-7 years build upon such important qualities at such a young age.

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BJJ Seminar & Promotion

Taunton BJJ Team photo

Another fantastic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar by Head Instructor Kenny Baker. During the seminar Kenny covered loads of great details on mount control, methods to advance position and submission options.

At the end of the seminar Kenny also awarded two members of the club belt promotions. Jon Howell earned his purple belt and Paul Chick his blue belt. Both Jon and Paul have dedicated hours of training over a number of years, you both thoroughly deserve it, congratulations!

Taunton BJJ Team photo
Taunton BJJ Team photo